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Producing Better Nutrition

World A.B.S Products

Quality Vs. Quantity

World A.B.S was founded in 2004 to address a lack of quality health and sports nutrition products on the market. We quickly realized that it is impossible to supply a wide range of products, and ensure the quality of each.

Thanks to our small product range, we can easily oversee the production of each product from start to finish with a level of care and attention that no other company can achieve.

World A.B.S Custom Capsule Filling Parts

No Bulking Agents

Using a combination of ultra-low humidity, multipoint vac stations, and custom-manufactured machine parts, we have reduced the need for flowing agents in our supplements.

We are quite sure no other company goes to these lengths to provide you with clean label products free of flowing agents and bulkers.

Product Safety

Full Independent Testing

World A.B.S Microbial Testing

Microbial Testing

To ensure that our products meet international safety standards, we request that all raw materials are fully tested for microbial contamination, including the standard TVC's plus additional mycotoxins before being encapsulated at our capsule filling partner facility.

World A.B.S Metalic Testing

Trace Metal Analysis

All of the ingredients used in World A.B.S products undergo full Trace Metal Analysis as well as testing for the presence of dioxins and furans as standard.

Combine this with the microbial testing mentioned above, and we have the safest products in the market, easily surpassing the strictest food safety requirements.

Product Performance

Finding The Ingredients That Work
World A.B.S VO2-MAX

Independent Product Research

At World A.B.S, we believe independent research helps us produce award-winning supplements that outperform the competition, building a large following of highly satisfied repeat customers.

Each year we dedicate a significant proportion of our annual budget to independent trials.

Supplement Efficiency

In 2014 independent trials helped us determine what ingredients performed better using Delayed-Release capsules (DRS) Vs. Standard capsules, increasing the effectiveness of specific ingredients with a more efficient delivery method.